Monday, May 18, 2015

Prayers Work People!!!

May 18, 2015
Hey y'all,
     This week was pretty awesome! We've been keeping really busy teaching and finding people. We've had some super intense spirit filled lessons/days this week and then those days that were super frustrating too. A lot of rollercoasteree days. Wednesday in particular was a weird day. For the first half of the day until about four, nothing happened, no lessons no one answered, it was awful, but then we went home and poured our souls out to God. Like we each had 20-30 min. Prayers. It was intense. Prayer works people!!! We taught lessons nonstop for the rest of the evening and ended up getting five lessons that day! We've been doing insane amounts of finding but we do our own dumb little things to maintain our sanity. We went pawn shopping today and I picked up a wolf knife and a baptist hymnal from the seventies. The things you find...

Elder Sunderland, Elder Davis, Elder Curtis holding Elder Toolson

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