Monday, October 6, 2014

P-Day is the Greatest Thing On the Face of the Earth.

P-day is the greatest thing on the face of the earth. We did Personal study and went to the library to email. We went shopping at Walmart and came back and put our food away. We cleaned the house cuz it smelt like dirty garbage but now it's smells freaking amazing. Super proud of ourselves. We went to this thrift near the tracks that I've been wanting to check out and I can say without a doubt that is the nastiest store I've set foot in my life. There was hardly any lighting so I'm pretty sure I could've gotten mugged in there and no one would have seen. There was crap EVERYWHERE. I couldn't even get to some stuff because there was stuff on the floor I couldn't get through I wish I had a picture of the inside but I did take one of the outside And all the junk was crazy expensive.those massive round back TVs from like the 90's were like 50 and 100 bucks. Crazy. Anyways we tried another thrift shop but it's closed on Mondays. We went to the church and hung around until elder Dean and Greenlaw came. We made plans before to go to this flea market in Waldo so we grabbed a little lunch at Taco Bell and headed out. The flea market, although empty was open, but no one was there. Probably because it's a Monday and it's down pouring but who knows. We went into this antique shop and looked around forever. They had some freaking cool stuff but all of us were too poor to buy most of it. I did pick up 2 new ties though so that was pretty sweet. I thought about getting y'all souvenirs or something but I have zero idea what to get y'all so if you got any suggestions, lemme know. We headed back to the church and talked for a bit. Me and Elder Lane finally went back to the house around 3 and took short naps.we woke up and went to talk to Katie tonight. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how important it is and chit chatted about other stuff. This town is so small and no one will let us come see them after 8 so we Facebook proselyted and found this cool 2 minute talk by Jeffrey R Holland called "Mission Preparation track 23".

We attempted to visit Kim and Jerry today but they were gone when we tried round 11 and later around 4. So we went to see if Tamra was home and she was so we talked to her about tithing and fast offerings and what they are and she was excited about it. We were going to go to lunch with Katie but her friends car died so we tried to fix it for like an hour but couldn't figure it out so we got Arby's and ate at the park. Her and Elder Lane both call me toolboy now so that's something haha. We facebooked after that and have been trying to find people since one address for a guy didn't exist, we did talk to a guy named Robert for like a second but he had to go. We tried Lashell and a couple other people at weren't home. We stopped and got a drink at the stop and rob ( not really the name but that's what we call it because its super ghetto). We went back to Katies work to try and figure out the car again. Elder Lane said a prayer and figured out that the car needed to be in neutral to start. It was pretty cool and me and Katie were freaked out that the answer came that dang quick. We went to the park and talked to Katie for awhile. We headed to the church and facebooked for a little came home finally ate dinner and wrapped up our day.

We had zone meeting today. We headed up to Lake City and got to watch his new movie called Meet the Mormons. SO GOOD. Go to and check it out because it's awesome! After that we had actual zone meeting and received training for a couple hours. We went on trade offs today so I'm with Elder Green for the next day in Maclenny. Me and Elder Green headed to the church there and did a progress record for correlation meeting and ward council and had those meetings. We ate at McDonald's and went to visit some less actives,  the Hartley's. We came back to their apartment which is above a taxidermy shop so that's pretty cool. Elder Green is a huge dork but in the good way. He told me all about his garden at the apartment and showed me his tomatoes, watermelon, like 4 different peppers, carrots and lettuce and kale. We nerded out and talked about different video games and other stuff like that til like 11:30.

It was weird to wake up in Maclenny this morning. We got showered did P study and then like 15 min of comp study and then we went to meet at "the spot" to trade back. Everyone kept just calling it "the spot" and it was super vague and confusing. Turns out "the spot" is a super ghetto looking shack on the city limits of Starke. It also has this tiny little puddle there and there are freaking bubbles coming out of this thing. It's like a freak of nature it's so cool I'll attach the pic. So we traded back and me and Elder Lane headed back to Starke. We goofed around and shot each other with this nerf gun and just did retarded things until we left for the food pantry. We did that until like 2:30 and came back. Elder Lane said he wasn't feeling good so he tanked out and I haven't really done anything besides bum around and try to avoid getting sick myself. I took a 3 hour nap and he took like a five hour one. We ate some pizza they gave us at the food pantry and watched that hour long Joseph Smith movie on the iPad. I read a couple conference talks and turned in early. Having a sick companion when your a missionary actually kind of stinks because there is legit nothing to do besides go out visit people because studying for like 3+ hours gets kind of boring. I'm praying he's better tomorrow so I won't be bored out of my mind.

Well Elder Lane was still sick for most of the day. We're pretty sure at least part of it was the pizza because freaking wrecked havoc on our insides. I cleaned the kitchen and made a little lunch and studied a little. I had to clean out the shower drain so that was super fun. I dry heaved like 5 times it smelled SO bad. I took a little nap and we finally got out of the house around five because he was feeling a little better. We visited Katie for a bit and talked to Larry. Larry apparently has super amazing guitar skills and played us a couple songs. It was sweet. Both of them should be coming to conference tomorrow so that's sweet.

Well it turns out conference is non existent here. We went to the first session at 12 and watched with a grand total of 4 of us, including me and Elder Lane on one of our iPads cuz we couldn't get the projector to work. I really enjoyed D. Todd Christoffersons and Uchtdorfs talks. During intermission we tried to visit Katie, and Tamra but both were out and about so we went home to eat. We went back for conference round two, and this time it was just me and Elder Lane for a while. Katie showed up about 30 minutes in and stayed for about an hour with her kids. It was a sweet session. I loved Elder Holland the best though because he threw down as usual.Me and Elder Lane balled up in the gym for about 45 minutes and then people started showing up because we were all having dinner before priesthood. We had freaking T-bone steaks and sweet potatoes. They know how to do it right. Larry came for the dinner and session. I really enjoyed Elder Cook's and President Uchtdorf's talk. Uchtdorf gave some killer talks today.

We watched conference for most of the day. I thought it would be a good idea to eat that pizza again for lunch. It wasn't.  I was pretty much dying the rest of the day. Anyways we went over to Bishop Carver's for dinner after conference. We had barbecue Sammies and re watched part of Uchtdorf's talk from priesthood with them. It's tradition for all the new missionaries in the ward to get a blessing, so me and Sister Hart both got blessings. We went to visit Katie for the rest of night.

Write y'all next week!
Love and miss Y'all

Elder Toolson

(Outside of ghetto thrift store)

The spots magic puddle

The spots ghetto shack

(Random and super weird photo I was trying out the timer photo thingy) our front yard btw

Super random country road that's black and white for some reason...

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