Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in Starke

December 30, 2014

This week has been pretty crazy to say the least! I'm super glad I was at least able to talk to y'all on Christmas day(even if I didn't see your faces)! So y'all already know how half my week has gone but just in case you forgot, I'll give you a recap. Monday night we visited Brother Chism and he gave me some sweet looking antique ties! I'm wearing one as I write this. We went to the church to Facebook, but found Brother Beckham(from the ward) there and he took us out to Taco Bell! It was awesome. Tuesday I went to Lake Butler on a trade off with Elder Stoker and that was a crazy day. We tracted for like 5 hours in these backwoods trailer parks. For dinner we went over to the Bishops and had some super good Boston Butt. I totally need to make some for y'all when I get back. We played games with them and watched Joy to World. Bishop Waters even gave me some of his homemade jerky, because I love it so much! That thing was gone in less than a day. We got up the next morning at like 4:30 am and went back over to his house to season some chickens and throw them in the oven, to deliver to the widows in the ward. Elder Warren and Andersen came and picked us up for District Meeting. I had to do a training and got through it without embarrassing myself so that was pretty good. We all had root beer floats and cookies after. It was sweet. Not a whole lot went on misisonary work wise on Christmas Eve and Christmas because basically everyone hates you, because they are with their family and stuff. We went over to the Beckhams in Keystone Heights for dinner Christmas Eve and that was pretty great. We watched Ephraims Rescue and Bro Beckham played his organ for us (he's SUPER good). Christmas day was super busy! We woke up and opened all our presents, which basically consisted of three things for me. Fruit (oranges and apples), gift cards, and letters. It was awesome. The Barbers called us up and invited over for lunch around one. So we went went over to the party barn and ate food and talked with them for a couple hours. We had to leave around 3:20 to go to the Townsend's for Dinner, but we followed Elder Warren's mega outdated GPS and ended up on some sketchy back roads. I'm sure y'all remember but we totally got stuck. We tried and tried to get out any way we could for like 30 mins but we finally just gave up. Rather than go through the embarrassing process of calling someone from the ward to come get us, we jogged about 1/4 mile down the road and made a new friend. So this guy Patrick was there and was willing to help us out. He was super nice and awesome and got us out! Thank goodness. So we finally made it the Townsends, about 45 mins. late, and then I called y'all. That's why I was a little late calling.... After I wrapped up the call, we went inside and had some good dinner and sat out by the campfire for a while. Around 6:30 we had to leave once again and go to the Beckhams again for Christmas dinner. We got there and chatted with everyone and ate food. It was great. We watched the nativity video too. Friday, we were back to missionary work and visited Brother Cotton, in the ward and talked to him for awhile. Saturday, we cleaned the church around 9 and had a mini-correlation with the sisters because they leave today, so it's just us covering the area now. We have been walking and biking for days, since we have run out of miles on the car so my legs are roasted. We visited a couple of people in Whispering Oaks Apartments, and went to go see Larry. We always have a good chat with him. He played his guitar and sang for us, it was awesome. We were walking home after that and a ton of black kids on the side of the street started trying to mess with us so we got our bikes and Elder Warren's just like "alright, I challenge y'all to a dance off" so they break danced and then to my surprise he did! which is crazy because he's like the whitest kid I know. It was hilarious! All the black kids were laughing as we left saying "you'll have to come back and teach us those moves sometime!" pretty great. Yesterday pretty much nothing happened. Both me and Elder Warren were sick yesterday, so not a ton got done. But we're feeling better today! Hope y'all had an awesome Christmas! Can't wait to talk to you again.

Elder Toolson

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