Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Craziness

December 28, 2015

Hey Y'all!
     This week has been good, definitely a different one with Christmas and all, but overall it was AWESOME. We had an amazing district meeting and the spirit was WAY strong. I went off of the conventional route a little and we were able to learn a ton. One of the best I've ever had. We all had district lunch (per tradition) after and we went to Steak N' shake for lunch. It was Elder Servoss' birthday on Christmas day and I told the people at Steak N' Shake but they didn't do anything... so take note, if you have a birthday don't go to Steak n' Shake because they don't do anything. But it was good. We had a trade off that day and Elder O'Bryant came here to my area. He is probably the nerdiest kid in the world and I love it so much. We knocked doors in the pouring rain that night. We went over to a member's house that night and shared a spiritual message about prayer that involved kneeling down. So I had him kneel down and he fell on his stomach and kicked a few ornaments off of their tree hahaha! It was priceless! 

Wednesday I was sick (great way to spend the holidays, right?) So I slept A LOT and took plenty of drugs. Christmas Eve I was back to normal. Those were a WEIRD 2 days since you can't really knock doors and a ton of people are busy with family. SO, we did service from about noon to four thirty in the afternoon, and had dinner with our ward mission leader. They gave me some awesome ties for Christmas! And seeing that it was Christmas Eve we decided to have a little bit of fun (as much as possible within missionary standards...) and camped out on our patio and watched Meet the Mormons. One to remember. 

Christmas day was SO FUN. We went over to a member in 1st ward's house at 8 in the morning in our PJ's (per their request) and had the biggest Christmas breakfast ever. We all opened up our Christmas presents and spent the next while playing with them and or eating them (I was doing the latter). One of their kids got one of those hoverboard things for Christmas and I got to try it out, so that was definitely a highlight. We ate a Christmas lunch, which basically was a ton of barbecue and this guy is from Texas, if that tells you how good it was. Super Good. We biked over to the church and I skyped with y'all for the next little while and it was super good to see everyone's faces. Its freaking me out a little bit how much all the nieces and now nephew have grown. 

Saturday was fairly average, we were knocking doors and came to this one that said, "ABSOLUTELY no soliciting!" So we knocked anyways (duh) and this old couple comes to the door. They made it seem like they were about to chew us out for a second but they were SO nice and we taught them the restoration and they gave us soda and even asked for a Book of Mormon!!! Miracle if there ever was one.

Yesterday we had a pretty good church and a good rest of the day. We somehow visited this potential investigator and saw the Cranfords, this AWESOME family that I knew in MacClenny, when I was serving in Starke! I had a 20-30 min. blast from the past with them and we carried about our night.

Elder Loder, Elder Flake, Elder Toolson

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