Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 14 and March 21, 2016

March 14, 2016

(I asked him where his letter was and I got this response.)

Honestly... It got deleted about a half hour ago and it was super long and I lost all motivation. I'm sorry mom. I'm still alive though!

Here's some pictures!

 David and Patrick (a convert he taught)

P-Day at Sister May's house in Gainesville
Road Trip to Ocala

March 21, 2016

Hey Y'all!
     Sorry I didn't write last week.... I spent most of my P-day at a cook out and the email I did write up accidentally got deleted sooo.... Yeah! 

Anyways Monday night we had sort of a continuation of our trade off with Elder Peterson and Elder King. I was still with Elder Peterson and we went out to this trailer Emmanuel lives in. We knocked doors and found a couple of awesome people. We also taught Emmanuel that night and it was awesome. Me and Elder Peterson had tons of fun. It was pure craziness, and I totally made a red velvet cake that night. It was great! But sadly he is leaving my zone... 

Tuesday it rained all day and both me and Elder Vance were WIPED. I think the picture below says it all. We had Book of Mormon class that night and Eric one of investigators came! It was a miracle and it was awesome.

On Wednesday President Craig came for interviews here in Gville and it was great. Interviews were way long this time but it was great. It was about 4-5 hours of interviews but it was great! Thursday we did service for this guy named Pete in the 3rd Ward. He is an investigator who totally just uses the missionaries for service, but hey he isn't my investigator. He was a slave driver haha.  He was just shouting the whole time at us to keep working. He was hilarious though and he bought us all pizza at the end of it. 

Friday was pretty good too. We went and saw Emmanuel and taught him a lesson and also saw some investigators, Matt and Jen, and we got a chili recipe from them as well as some ingredients to make some for the cook off on Saturday. 

Saturday it rained all day too but it cleared up in time for the Ward chili cook off. We made our very own chili for it! It was way fun and we came in like 6th, BUT the moral of the story is that our chili wasn't the worst. At the end of it all, all of the dads got all of their kids up on their heads and decided to race. So naturally the Elders wanted to join in too. So I hopped up on top of Elder Vance's shoulders and Elder Stanley (who is 6'7") hopped up on top of Elder Ward (who is 5'5"). It was awesome. I wish I had a picture. But as we raced Elders Stanley and Ward just absolutely ATE it. I was in tears and the whole Ward was dying laughing.

Sunday we had our investigator Eric and his 2 kids come to church!! It was so great. And we had a less active fellowship him! Sunday was good and we found the most elect man ever. It was this guy named John that was sitting in his car. And after we talked to him his mouth just kept hanging open in shock. He had his very own Book of Mormon and he kept saying goodbye over and over "I'll DEFINETELY read this!" And we saw him reading it as we walked away. GOOD week. 

Love Y'all!

Elder Toolson

Elder Vance is WIPED!

P-Day at Sister May's house

 David and Patrick 

Chili for the Ward's Chili-Cookoff

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