Monday, March 7, 2016

My Week!

March 7, 2016

Hey Y'all!

This week has been killer! Monday was great. We had dinner with
our WML and got an emergency call right after dinner to go give a
member of our Ward a blessing. I lost my oil vial in Fleming and Elder Vance didn't have one either... So we went and borrowed one from 3rd Ward.

Tuesday we had a super good district meeting and then we ate at PDQ (Tim Tebow's restaurant). Wednesday was insane. We weren't even close to hitting the goals we set for the week, so we decided we needed to teach a monster amount of people that day. I actually went with Elder Boyson (one of my former Zone leaders) so it was just like good old times. We set a goal to mix up our door approaches and we knocked doors for 4 hours. And we loved it. We had so much fun! We ended up finding seven new people and street contacted this guy teaching him how to repent. It was super great. I biked like Lance Armstrong that day and destroyed myself. But it was great! 

Thursday we went down to Chiefland for their district. Chiefland is in the country and I miss the country so bad. I'm actually writing this from Chiefland because they begged us to come down for P we did. 

Friday we had weekly planning and went on a trade off in 3rd wards area. I went with Elder Clark and we had a crazy day. We had this drunk woman yell at us that Donald Trump hates uneducated people. It was hilarious. I was dying laughing. And we also taught this guy Waldemar and he let us hold his snakes. He was awesome!

We had a blitz in 3rd wards area on Saturday which basically means the entire district tracted in their area for an hour and a half to find people for them. We did service for some members after and helped them move in. 

Sunday was the cherry on top of the week. Emmanuel (our recent convert) got to church half an hour early and he prepared the sacrament, passed it, AND got up to bear his testimony and he just broke down on the stand telling his life story and the Ward rushed up. ushered him off, and it was one of those "I want to cry out of happiness right now" moments. That's my week! Love all of you!

Elder Toolson

Elder Toolson and Elder Vance


Basketball Selfie

Elder Toolson and Elder Vance removed all the furniture from Elder Stanley and Elder Ward's apartment as a prank. That is Elder Stanley on the floor of his empty apartment

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