Monday, August 15, 2016

The Work is Hastening!

August 15, 2016

Hey Y'all!
    This week was great! Tuesday we had a trade-off and I went with Elder Hardy in our area. They have trade-offs back to the old way here so both areas are being worked again (if that even makes any sense at all) and it was blast. We literally spent all day in the ghetto since that's the only area I know pretty well so far. We taught like 4 people though which was great! I REFUSE to teach less than 4 on a trade-off. It was tons of fun! I'll attach a picture of him (he is sitting closest to me on the stage) We biked our hearts out. 

Wednesday we had interviews with President Lee from about 11 to 4. I got to see Elder P Smith (my last companion) and we went out to lunch with them. Interviews definitely gave me a lot more direction for what I need to do.

Thursday we had some huge miracles. We drove out to an area and started biking around. We found an awesome lady named Melissa who was super pumped about listening! And we had 2 in church yesterday!!! Woo!!! Solid week. Love y'all! The work is hastening!

Elder Marchant,David, Elder Guinup

Elder Marchant, Elder Guinup, Elder Hardy, David

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