Monday, August 15, 2016

A Killer Last Transfer

August 1, 2016

Hey Y'all!

    This week has been super great! I'm down here all settled in Ocala with Elder Marchant now. It's going to be a killer last transfer. I already know it. It kind of stinks/is awesome that I'm just a regular missionary now. I've always been in or around leadership my entire mission until now. It's great though because I can "relax" and focus all of my efforts on our area and ways to improve it. 

Monday and Tuesday last I basically spent all day saying goodbye to people in Gville. Did I mention I love Gainesville 5th ward? Because I do. I'm seriously going to miss everyone so much. But off to new adventures. We transferred Tuesday night instead of the usual Wednesday for reasons I'm too lazy to go into right now. Nothing super notable happened this week. Just average missionary work. 

We are in a car share so we bike Monday through Thursday. I just about died after 2 days because Ocala is ALL hills. But on the plus side my legs are getting huge haha 

On Thursday I hit a car... I've had really, really close calls my entire mission but this was the first time I actually made solid contact with a car haha. Don't worry I'm fine though. I'll attach a picture. This lady had stopped at a stop sign and I was coming downhill pretty quick. It looked like I was clear so I was flying, but then she started to inch out into the crosswalk and I got destroyed. Pretty crazy stuff.

Ocala is a nice blend of country and city down here. The people are civilized but not TOO civilized, which is nice. There are tons of old people in our ward (and Ocala in general, it's a HUGE retirement town I guess) which is quite the change from the young adult and young parent crowd we worked with in Gainesville. But yeah, here's to another week! 

Love y'all!

me hitting the car 

Me and Bro. Jolley (my old WML)

Me and Emmanuel 

Me and Josh 

Me and Lisa 

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