Sunday, July 31, 2016

July MLC and Zone Conference--FJM BLOG


Learning Leadership Skills
The Leadership Pattern
Christ-like Love with High Expectations
The Learning Pattern

1. Prepare to Learn  2. Interact to Edify  3. Invite to act

The Florida Jacksonville Leadership Council
Back row: Elders, Coy, Karren Geist, Smith, Britsch, Gregory, Curran, Toolson, Ward, Bangerter, McAlister Dusenberry, Beard, and Daly.

Front row: Sisters Gibb, McGregor, Webb, Hansen, Rigby, Lee, President Lee, Sister Stowell, Mansfield, Ruesch, Broderick, and Grissom.

    Elders Geist, Toolson, Smith, Dusenberry, and McAlister

Assistant to the President Beard on the right front teaching
Left to Right:  Elder Toolson, Smith, Britsch, and Gregory.

Back Row: Elders Spencer, Knight, Coy, Hardy, Ferrier, Goates, Foust, Stoker, Leota, Toolson, Kautai, Smith, Guinup, Andrus, Riley, Beard
Middle Row: Elders Rivera, Hunt, Day, Arave, Boyson, Botalla, Pacella, Clark, Bladen, Altimarano, Marchant, Brook
Front Row: Sisters Doxey, Barton, Olsen, Malm, Rickenbacker, Tu'ivailala, Tofilau, Warr, 

Stowell, Mansfield

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