Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fourth of July and a Richly Rewarding Week

July 4, 2016

The reason why I didn't write today.

July 11, 2016

Hey Y'all!

This week has been really good. Richly rewarding, and a lot of good spiritual experiences. Monday I was sick.... That morning we had a ward 4th of July breakfast and it was SO FUN. I seriously love this Ward so much, probably tied for my favorite one right now.

We were playing ultimate frisbee with a couple of members and someone threw the frisbee in the woods, so I was like, "hey! I'll get it!" And apparently I disturbed a nest of Yellow Jackets. So for the first time in my life I got stung by yellow jackets....7 times. I got destroyed. But the ward was great and went out and bought me some medicine and a couple of Sprites. Again, love this ward. But yeah. 

Tuesday we had a district meeting in Ocala and that was awesome as always. We had the get to know you game show and they called me and Elder Smith up. I did a baptismal interview after for some Elders, and it was tough. The candidate was mentally slow but still accountable enough to be baptized, so I had to make it very very simple for him. I was really grateful for the spirit during it. Based off of the answers that he verbally gave, I probably wouldn't have passed him, but the entire time the spirit was essentially smacking me in the face telling me that I needed to pass him because he knew it was true. It was awesome. We all went out to eat and headed back. We taught a few people and saw Sheila. We convinced her daughter to feed us "soul food". It was SO GOOD. 

Wednesday we drove up to JAX for MLC (mission leadership council) and it was way good. We had some good trainings and it was President and Sister Lee's very first MLC so it was way good. The spirit was really strong and I learned a lot. We went on tradeoffs with the AP's after. Me and Elder Beard preached the gospel in Mandarin (the AP area). We had some good people that we taught. We taught a man named Jason. He's kind of hippie and I've taught him before on a tradeoff and I just love teaching him. He has these crazy, out there, concepts, that just throw me off so bad and I love it. It's really refreshing to have no idea what the investigator will say, because by now I can usually guess what direction they are going to take it. So, we also had dinner with an eternigator of theirs, Tom, and Tom is a super cool guy and the cherry on top--he cooks like a champ.

We went to a district meeting in Mandarin Thursday morning and got to see some Elders that used to be in our zone so that was great. One of them that used to be here is actually a District Leader over there now. We finished up and drove back to Gainesville. We traded back off and hit the ground running. We had Elders Quorum tradeoffs that night and I went with our Elders Quorum President to visit a less active
family and we tried to visit Sheila but she didn't answer.

Friday our proselyting time got destroyed. We had weekly planning and then had to take our car in for an oil change and tire rotation and to get some new tires, so it took awhile. By the end of the night we got the chance to go over and see a part member family (their kid isn't baptized) and we taught the plan of salvation using some of their sidewalk chalk. It was great.

Saturday was way busy too. We had Farmshare in the morning in a town called Archer. In case I haven't explained, Farmshare is a food distribution agency that gives food to those who need it and we help them run the tables and carry people's bags to their cars. So yeah. We came back to Gainesville and went to the Stake Picnic for Pioneer Day and ate a ton of food and helped clean up. We came out of it with like 80+ hot dogs and like 25 hamburgers. Needless to say I've been a happy camper the past couple of days. We made a few other visits that days and got In contact with a few investigators to round up for church.

Yesterday was great to. We had 2 'gators in church and went and ate our soul food after. We went out to see Emmanuel and a few others and had a good night.

Another awesome week. I'm really trying to be more focused than ever before. So don't talk to me about coming home unless it's absolutely critical to my well being!!!! Thanks. I'm on this super intense study program called "3 months to master disciple" and I'll finish the BOM, NT,and PMG twice before the end of my mission. Love y'all and have an Amazing week!

Elder Toolson

Elder Smith and ElderToolson

 MLC with President and Sister Lee

Soul Food

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