Thursday, July 14, 2016

Goodbye President and Sister Craig. Hello President and Sister Lee.

June 27, 2016

Hey Y'all! This week was INSANE. So much crazy stuff happened I don't even know where to start, so I'll just start with Wednesday and hope I remember everything else as I go.

Wednesday we had a tradeoff with the Williston Elders, Elder Riley and Elder Altamirano. Elder Riley came out the same time as me so I've basically been waiting to go on a tradeoff with him my whole mission. So they came and we did service for an investigator. We thought it went really well and we actually got a lot done. We sorted out her boxes and stuff. But later on she sent us some super angry texts and stuff, morning and night, and has now officially "washed her hands of us" but hey it was a good crazy experience! 

After that we changed and split up. Me and Elder Riley were on bikes and we tore it up! We taught some less active's kids (he wasn't answering, so we found his kids outside) so these kids are playing with their foam weapons and things. SO, we taught them a short lesson and right in the middle of it, I had a bloody nose and it was crazy. I had to stop it with my hands and ended up looking like a serial killer by the end of it all (blood all over my face). Also, Elder Riley didn't feel too good so we said a prayer and went to an investigators home to get some water and see if that would help. She was home! And Elder Riley pounded like 10 cups of water. We ate at Taco Bell, taught a recent convert, and knocked doors. We were supposed to help a member bring some furniture over to a another member's house, but the member didn't get back until  9:00 and at this point we are already 20 min. away from the house on bikes. SO, we loaded up and drove over with a bookshelf mattress  and box spring. We unloaded and ended up getting back way late at like 9:50 that night. 

The next day we got up and got ready and had our departing conference with President and Sister Craig. I'll miss them a ton and they have truly helped shape my life, but I'm excited to turn the new leaf to have President Lee here. We had a district meeting after and went to the YSA district's district meeting. It was great and super spiritual. 

We had a tradeoff with Elder Boyson, me, Elder Marchant after and I went down to Ocala with Elder Boyson. We had a blast, and another crazy tradeoff. We went to go see this member referral who ended up being this super old guy who had Alzheimer's or something. And he had a super loud roommate that I somehow got roped into pushed around and he kept forgetting where he wanted to go haha. Old people... Gotta love em. The highlight was when one was trying to turn the TV off and there were 3 TVs and he kept clicking the remote turning on and off the wrong TV but he had no clue and he was dead set on the one consistently on. He was like swearin under his breath and saying the remote's broken and everything. It was hilarious! 

We taught a part member family after that and taught a few other investigators that night. That day we got back to Gainesville and planned and had a few people to see that night, and we were both SO tired and just ready for bed. But we get a call from the Chiefland Elders at 9:15 saying that an Elder is going into the ER and the companion (who was calling) wanted company all night. So went in. ALL NIGHT. We got into the hospital at 10 and left at about 5 that morning. Awesome miracle though! We got there and one of our investigators was also there. So while we were waiting we got to talk to him and pretty much taught him a lesson at 3 in the morning in the ER. What a week y'all. 

Sheila came to church yesterday! I need to get a picture with her... But yeah. President Lee arrives today and takes over tomorrow. It's going to be a CRAZY couple of weeks. Love y'all dearly!

Elder Toolson 

P.s: my account reset... So I just added pretty much everyone I knew.... Just email if you don't care about my week and want me to stop haha

Goodbye President and Sister Craig

Hello President and Sister Lee

 Waiting in the ER with Elder Smith, Elder Hunt, 
and Elder Toolson

Gainesville District Interviews

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