Monday, January 26, 2015

A Bunch of Dogs, and New Life Skills

Janaury 26, 2015

Hey Y'all!
     Before I get into what happened this week I'll tell you a little about all of our bap dates since I've kind of been leaving you in the dark. On the 8th of February we should be baptizing 4 kids from a part member family, the Cowarts! Apparently they've slipped through the cracks and every missionary, including myself until I found out, thought that they were already all members! Super awesome. The other three are all friends of a youth in our ward Sarah, who's like the best missionary ever. Kyle, Matt, and Isabel are their names and Kyle and Matt are very solid but I still think we need more lessons with Isabel. So yeah. Wednesday was a pretty slow day. Me and Elder Warren were both sick but we went out anyway. We went out to Keystone and ended up getting a lesson with a less-active that day. Thursday was the best! Elder Andersen came over to Starke from Lake Butler and we did service for days. We worked at the food pantry for a few hours and left to help this lady trim up her palm trees. This lady, Linda, I can't remember if I told you last week but she has twenty five dogs!! They were everywhere I looked. And we talked for a while to a less active boy in our ward, Nick, who's about 9. Another couple of less actives, Sandra and Willie called us and we went over to help them move their gigantic chicken coop. That thing was so heavy, it took four of us and even then we barely could. Friday morning me and Elder Andersen, before studies, took turns trying to see if we could fit through the doggie door in our house (the things we do to keep ourselves entertained... it didn't work by the way). We traded back and had a pretty average Friday.  Saturday, we spent the day out in Keystone and did some service pulling a bunch of thorns from their bushes for a while. We went tracting most of the rest of the day and came back to Starke at night to help Matt and Bro Tanner clean the church. Yesterday was a rollercoaster.  It was like good, then bad, then good.  It was weird. We had a lesson with one of Sarah's friends.  First time we met and she started crying about 5 minutes into the lesson, which we thought was good because she was feeling the Spirit, but it turns out she was super overwhelmed with all the information.  Hopefully it'll go smoother next time. But we had a lesson with Kyle and Matt and another of her friends, Lance and that went super well! We went less active visiting last night and had one who was super nice and wanted us to come back and one who told us that they don't believe in the Book of Mormon and asked to be taken off the records... But Sunday nights are always the best with the Barbers! We went over and read the Book of Mormon with them and just talked about random things. I wore a football helmet like half the night and they took a ton of photos of me and said they were going to put them on Facebook so we'll see haha. Oh and in case your still wondering what I mean by new life skills in the title, I cut my own hair for like the first time ever today and it doesn't look terrible! No way I'm ever paying like fifteen bucks for a haircut ever again! Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Toolson

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