Friday, February 6, 2015

Dirty Jobs

February 6, 2015

Hey y'all!
It's been another fun filled week here in Starke and the work continues. Update on our investigators since last week. The Cowart family, 4 of our dates, 3 of them are still planning on being baptized this Sunday so I'll let you know how that goes. The oldest we are pushing back because he hasn't been to church the past few weeks and isn't ready. The other 3 are still on and should be baptized not this Sunday but next. So life's good! Tuesday we went on tradeoffs with the Lake Butler Elders and Elder Stoker came to Starke with me. We had a pretty awesome day! We went tracting for a little while and then went over to a Less Actives house to do some service. It was so nasty. They live in a trailer and they had to move some boxes to storage which happened to be a 2ft tall crawl space underneath the trailer, and I volunteered to be the one down there (although I regret that decision now...) I nailed my head and back on the ceiling like twenty times and wouldn't have been suprised if there were a couple dormant snakes down there. We got it done but my knees were killing. After that, this less-active boy in our ward Nick, asked me if I wanted to see his dogs hideout, pointing to a small gap in the porch, so I'm like, why not I'm already dirty. So I squeezed through the gap and chilled in a dirty hole with him for a couple minutes and then army crawled out of there. Good times. We played basketball that night but hardly anyone showed up so it was actually pretty relaxed. Anyways, Wednesday we traded back and had district meeting in Macclenny and ate at Taco Bell (a tradition) afterwards. We had a pretty normal rest of the day and Thursday was pretty forgetful as well except for the usual working at the food pantry. Friday as I'm sure a few of you might know or have heard about was the Facebook event #discoverthebook so me and Elder Warren took our photos for that in the woods behind the church (I'll attach some pics). Saturday as usual was a very busy day spent out in Keystone Heights. In the morning we went over to Lake Butler and played football with their whole ward for a couple hours. I'm so darn sore. We did service and visited the Masseys for a few hours and helped him trim up his driveway. We had a lesson with one of our bap dates Kyle and just went over the baptismal interview questions and what to expect. We had him and his member friend Sarah bear their testimonies for us. It was awesome hearing Kyle's testimony. It lasted maybe 30 seconds but was very powerful and you could hear the sincerity. Lesson learned: Short and sweet is often better than a long sermon. We tried some potential investigators for a while and went over to the Beckhams for dinner. We tried taking a new way to be shorter and that was probably the worst mistake ever. It was mega backwoods roads the entire way, huge potholes, a ton of sand and dirt and mud, all tackled in our little Ford Fusion. We had to gun it for a solid 20 minutes or so nonstop or we would have gotten stuck for sure. We went hardcore mudding and by the end of it our car was absolutely covered in mud head to toe and our back bumper was dragging(whoops). Wish I took a picture, it was crazy. Bro Beckham helped us wash our car off and bolt our bumper back on (for now) and we had a super fun night. Yesterday was a pretty average day minus the evening.  We knew for a fact that nothing would get done at all if we tracted because almost everyone in America is watching the Superbowl. So we got invited/asked the Barbers what they were doing that night and spent the evening with them. A couple of y'all have asked me what I want for my birthday, etc. so here's a few things. Beef Jerky, ingredients to make an actual meal (often we cant afford it), cookies, sun drop?, some cool looking Paisley ties (I barely have any), andddd that's all I can think of for now just basically junk food or luxuries us missionaries can't afford, maybe some Arizona pink lemonade or things specific to Arizona that I couldn't get here, I don't know, but hope y'all have great week!

Elder Toolson

(Note:  He didn't attach any pictures)

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