Friday, April 24, 2015

A Whole New Life

April 24, 2015

Hey y'all!

This week was awesome! I totally captioned those pictures last
week.... Guess it deleted them or something. Anyways an explanation.

So the first two were our district and zone pictures from zone meeting which was super fun. It's all different now because of transfers though. The third one is a picture of this backwoods lake me and Elder Carrington found while trying to find this one lady. The fourth picture is me drenching wet. We had to bike home in the worst rain storm and I had like a full cup of water in my shoes. Summer's here, people. The fourth picture was me, elder Curtis and Sister Blair and Sister Despair. We are all from Arizona and it was awesome. Except Sister Blair is gone now so our clique got ruined... And I think the last one was a picture of Elder Curtis eating some Guam fried rice I made for everyone as our last supper before transfers. 

As for this week. I love Elder Sunderland. He's from Alberta, Canada and has a family opposite from me, four older brothers! Craziness. This transfer should be good. 

This week was great. It's hard and pretty stressful when you take over an area especially when you've only had one transfer there and barely know anything yourself. But we're still doing work and stuff. We have a huge service thing coming up this week that we semi prepped for last Friday. It's called rebuilding Waycross, and is basically a whole ton of people going to different run down houses and fixing them up for people. It's going to be awesome. Anyways the house we'll be working on, we went over there with Brother
Kirkland and Brother Bennett and relaid some power lines in a ditch. It was some dirty dirty work. 

Nothing too ridiculous has happened this week. Just the adjustment of getting a new comp and taking over an area. Oh and we found a snapping turtle the other day that almost killed us! It was pretty awesome. Have a great week y'all!

Elder Toolson

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