Friday, April 3, 2015

A Hog Show and a Spiritual Experience

April 3, 2015

Hey y'all!
     This week has been amazing! Monday was probably like one of the best days of my life! The Bennetts, who were supposed to have us over for dinner invited us to the Hog Show, which they put on once or twice a year, I think. A bunch of kids show their hogs and drive them around the pen, trying to impress the judge. They beat 'em around with a show stick and are supposed to maintain eye contact with the judge to get points. It's probably the best thing I've ever seen. Tuesday was another ridiculously awesome day, Elder Mellor and I were on a trade-off in my area! We had so much fun. We found 2 new investigators just asking for directions and had some crazy lessons that night. Long story short, I ended up getting a Jehovah's Witness Bible and meeting a bunch of drunk people. We had back to back trade-offs and the day after, I traded off with Elder Andersen. We had a super good day too and actually met the brother of one of their investigators so that was pretty interesting. We picked up some little candy things called Zots and they were super good, we also patched up my ghetto bike seat with some electric tape. We traded back the next day and to be honest the rest of the week was a blur. Just the usual, finding people, teaching lessons, etc. Yesterday we had fast and testimony meeting and it was awesome! Made me realize how sheltered life in Gilbert was. Almost all of my friends were Mormon and not being Mormon made you different.  But here it's the exact opposite. This young teenage girl got up and talked about how everyone basically shuns her at school because she's Mormon. She sits alone, but she's still reading the scriptures and holding on. It was super spiritual. We had Brother Corbitt come out with us after church and had "dinner" at the Bennetts. It was pretty much lunch though. That was super good and we did more missionary stuff that night. I've had a pretty amazing week though. Definitely one to remember. Thanks everyone who has sent me cards, and packages, etc. I LOVE them. Hope y'all have a fantastic week!

Elder Toolson 

Hog Show

Barking Dog

Bike Master

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