Monday, March 23, 2015

Three Trade-offs and the Blitz

March 23, 2015

Hey y'all!
     This week has been probably one of the best weeks ever! I went on three trade-offs this week and it was fantastic. Tuesday I was down in Kingsland with Elder Bell and he's pretty cool. He's the zone leader. We went to a member's house and she had me sign my name and my favorite scripture on a card.  She has a whole picture frame full of them from every missionary that visited.  We had some grilled cheese and we went tracting with an investigator and we talked to some awesome people at night and did service for a lady. We traded back the next day and then traded off again like 50 minutes later. I was here with Elder Lewis from Jesup on Wednesday and we had the time of our lives. We tried a ton of people and brought a member out with us and taught this guy Samuel Adams who is super old and knows a lot and has a ton of awards. He says he was one of the last people to sign out before Watergate which is pretty sweet. Anyway we traded again on Thursday with Elder Curtis from Waycross 1st and we had a ball. We could totally be buddies back home. He's from Mesa too which is awesome! We tracted a ton and I've found the more flexible you are in a door approach the better it goes.  We talked to some awesome people. Yesterday was a pretty great day too. We go out teaching with Shane Bennett all the time. He's a recent RM and he's pretty awesome. We tried seeing a few people and had lunch at the bishop's house. We helped them hook up a trailer too. Today, in a couple of hours or so some members invited us to the hog show. Basically people raise their hogs and show them off to the judges. I'll try and get some pics--goin to be awesome. Anyways after that we did a Ward Blitz which is basically a ton of people in the ward came to the church at 5 and we all went out trying to contact a ton less actives and new members and other things. I split and went with Brother Duncan Bennet, the Young Men's President. He's pretty awesome. We saw a couple people and came back but it was fun. Hope y'all had a week as awesome a mine (but probably not :) )

Elder Toolson

 Richmond Avenue, Waycross, GA

Elder Toolson, Elder Curtis, Elder Andersen

David's Zone--Lake City Zone
Back Row: Elder Toolson, Elder Brian, Elder Payne, Elder Walgamott, Elder Vance, Elder Cooper, Elder Monson, Elder Mann
Middle Row: Elder Warren, Elder Abeyta, Elder Collett, Elder Ericksen, Elder Anderson, Elder Stoker, Elder Moose, Elder Crawford
Front Row: Sister Whetstone, Sister Williams, Sister Donahue, Sister Chamberlain, Sister Craig, President Craig, Sister Call (?), Sister Francom, Sister Knoll, Sister Hart

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