Monday, June 1, 2015

Gators and Such!

June 1, 2015
Hey y'all!

     This last week has been absolutely nuts. We have a ton of stuff to do and we are super overwhelmed with it all sometimes. We filled up an entire regular size whiteboard with all the stuff we need to do. But I still find time to have fun and enjoy myself. We've had a ton of drop lessons this week, which is basically just when we have a lesson and then drop the person. I think like four. But we found some awesome new people that are starting to progress. We're meeting with this guy Patrick right now and he's awesome! He's a younger guy and always gives us hugs when we leave. We invited him to volleyball that we have tomorrow and church too so we'll see how that goes. We had a pretty good lesson with him this week but need to start getting members involved. It's so much harder to bring people into the church and keep them there if you don't have a member involved to be their friend, etc. We did some service this past week also for Sister Johnson, a less active lady, with about 8-9 other people from the ward. It was less than half the size of our yard back home but took 3-4 hours still. She runs a thrift shop downtown and hoards a ton of stuff in her shop and it's all spread out around her backyard. Among the madness I found a stuffed tiger, an old Marlboro sign, a rotted wood dresser, and all sorts of other stuff. We took this mobile home anchor out of the ground that took like 45 minutes to dig out. Everyone kept laughing at us/ telling us we'd get it eventually and we did! We also went to Okefenokee last week and it was awesome! So worth it. I have a video of a gator for y'all. But all's good here in Waycross. Oh forgot to tell you last week I'm staying here with Elder Sunderland for another transfer! Woo!!!

Watch the right side for the alligator!

Believe it or not he's an Eagle Scout

Storm Ball

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