Monday, June 22, 2015

Spicy Chili, Tons of Service, and Awesome Trade Offs!

June 22, 2015

Hey Y'all!
     This week has been an awesome one! We saw a ton of people and had some miracles this week! Last P-Day was awful/a story. Elder Barcala has been building up this death chili for weeks and had "death"-Elder Barcala but in a much more real sense, like 5-6 different peppers and 2-3 different hot sauces. I threw up afterwards which was the first time in a long time that something actually made me do that. We also had deep fried Oreos and some ridiculously good burgers. I've attached a picture below. 

As for missionary work that night we visited this sweet old lady, Sis. Arnold, she has a pool that the ward always uses and is related to everyone (not a surprise). 

Tuesday was zone meeting! We went out to breakfast with me, the other Waycross Elders and Elder England. I try to make it a point to do it since Elder England is struggling with his companion.. Anyways we had zone meeting and it was pretty good, lots of spiritual nourishment. Later on we met this guy Darryl, and invited Patrick to come to dinner with us at the Musgroves and it went awesome! He's getting fellowshipped so durn good.

Wednesday, we had a ton of service, we had ridiculous amounts of service all week. We went at 9 in the morning to help out the Glossons get rid of some pecan wood/ get firewood for boys camp. So we did that until about 12 (side note pecan wood is ridiculous to cut and super heavy, my body got destroyed). We left for about an hour to help out KD a super cool restaurant owner guy who feeds us for free. We helped him move some furniture up to this loft and helped him move other furniture around to rip up carpet. He fed us and the gave us something to go to. So awesome. So we went back to cutting up wood and finally got that done by about 2:30That night we saw Brother Chapman and his friend who's a local pastor, Pastor Pascal. That was a pretty good lesson except for this random drunk neighbor just strolled on in and started using all sorts of profanity that I will not repeat in this email... I've never heard the S word and Jesus used so many times in the same sentence before, that was new. 

Thursday I was on the other side of Waycross with Elder Barcala and it was one of those all day service things. We cleaned up this horrendous house of this recent convert and we enlisted everyone to tackle this thing and we actually got a lot done! Might need to go back a third time though... I had a cockroach on my neck if that paints a vivid enough picture. We also helped out another lady move and it took like 4 hours it was crazy. This guy that helped had a truck bed that was like 2 in. Long (not really) so it took forever to move all her stuff. It was good though. We had dinner with Bro Hersey, this awesome member in the other Ward! It was fun. We finished the night seeing Brother Williams who is one of my favorite members in the other Ward. He always dresses better than pretty much everyone all the time. 

Friday was a slow day. The only notable thing that happened is that Brother Murray took us out to KFC at like 8:30. Saturday was definitely the best day his week. We had the best tradeoff ever with Bro Corbitt! It was so much fun. We visited Patrick and had a KILLER lesson with him. He gave us this note saying how awesome it was that he met us and that he feels the spirit! We also picked up a new investigator with him trying to visit this one guy and ended with the Wilkersons and Bro Corbitt and Bro Wilkerson were just having the time of their lives and I was in tears basically. It was like the funniest thing ever, I would have watched it on TV. Yesterday was pretty good too, Patrick came to church! Woo! We had some good lessons and got dinner from Sister Olivares in the ward! She cooks so so good! Yall have a blessed week!
L to R: Elder Toolson, ?, ?, Brother Wasdin (in white Apron), Becca, Elder Sunderland, Elder Barcala

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