Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Great Missionary Experiences

June 10, 2015
Hey Y'all!
     This week has been a good one! I feel like my mind is starting to turn into mush. I've been on mental overload like half of the week and like a mental black hole the other half. People we saw a lot this week were Brother Murray and Patrick. Brother Murray's like the funniest old man ever and he lives right behind us so we see him sometimes when it rains super hard. Also, Patrick, I'm super excited about! We had three lessons with him and he is coming to everything! I was gone Tuesday but he came to volleyball and had a church tour afterwards with a member. He came to movie night Saturday and we had an awesome lesson, and then yesterday he came to the other Elder's baptism yesterday and at the end he was just like oh wow I'm speechless, words can't even describe. What time is church service next Sunday? And we were like 9:00 and he just says I'll be there, and then our jaws just dropped to the floor. It was awesome. That was probably the best part of this week. I was gone Tuesday and Thursday on tradeoffs, Tuesday in Jesup and Thursday on the other side of Waycross. Tuesday was awesome in Jesup with Elder Mellor. Brother Tire, a member up there, gave us a ride back and took us on a scenic route back haha. It was like a 45 min detour through the countryside with him giving us a tour of the countryside. It. Was. Awesome. We did service at a food pantry and it brought back memories of the good Ol' Starke days. We had a pretty good night. Thursday I was with Elder Davis on the other side of town. We had an awesome day. We saw this lady Tammy with a member who asked us all sorts of crazy questions about ISIS and angels and general things that were like right on the line of deep doctrine. It was fun though. We had a few other lessons that night and had dinner with a recent convert Bro. Wasdin out in Blackshear, which was awesome. He's an artist that I got to see baptized.  He was taught by the sisters a couple transfers back. He is super cool and feeds the missionaries all the time. Well, I guess that's about it for this week! Love y'all to death!

▪️Elder Toolson▪️

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