Monday, July 13, 2015

Biking in Gainesville, FL

July 13, 2015

Hey Y'all!
    Transfer weeks are always strange ones, especially when you have to get used to new people, new places, etc. So yeah! I'm in Gainesville 2nd ward with Elder Coy. I'm second half training him but I didn't really explain what that is last week. So trainees/greenies go through a 12 week (2 transfer) training program where they adjust to mission life, start taking the lead, etc. So his previous trainer just went home, so I'm finishing up the training for the second half of the twelve weeks. 

So the Tuesday before I left, we spent almost all P-day at the Wasdins (from the 1st Ward) I spent most of the day cooking Guam Fried Rice for everyone and that's when I typed up that e-mail I sent y'all. We said goodbye to Patrick that night, I'm super mad I  didn't even get a picture but I can attach this awesome e-mail that he sent me. I'm pretty sure he's the reason I was sent to Waycross. 

Anyway so the following day was transfers and Bro Hersey (also from 1st Ward) took us down super early in the morning and we made a pit stop in Kingsland to give Elder Wall his birthday cake and sing to him at 8 in the morning haha. I'll attach the video I took. So we get down to transfers and I have to go to all of the meetings to prep trainers, and there are a lot. I was in those from about 9:30 in the morning to about 2. We had transfer meeting after that and it was super sad.  Watched some of my favorite people go home. But it was good.  I actually know about half the people in the mission now and I spent a good while catching up with old buddies like Elder Warren, Elder Stoker, Elder Andersen, etc. Oh! and I got to see Brother Barber from Starke again! That was awesome.  I miss them so much. 

So we head out back to Gainesville, and I took a trip down memory lane because we have to pass right through Starke to get back. It was so tempting to just reach over and grab the wheel and get "stuck" in Starke for awhile. But oh well. So we got back and taught a Book of Mormon class and visited this investigator Jodi. We are way over on the west side of Gainesville, outside of the crazy city. My area isn't really what you think of when you think Gainesville.  We dip into the city a little bit but most of our area is just a bunch of Suburbs, which are reminiscent of Henrico,VA almost. 

We are in a car share with the YSA Elders, Elder Mcalister ( he came out with me) and Elder Davis (he was with me in Waycross!) We trade off every three days. We do A LOT of biking here. My legs are toast right now. We biked, not exaggerating, somewhere in the margin of 20-30 miles in a day. and of course Elder Coy is still very new and getting comfortable so I'm taking the lead in 90 to 95% of the discussions. So this area is going to be very much physically and spiritually demanding of me. But it's pretty easy to talk to people here. Most everyone is always outside doing something all the time. 

So that pretty much describes my week, is biking and visiting people. We also did service for the Mays in our ward. and helped them move this ridiculously heavy couch, massage chair, and medical bed out of a very fancy retirement home. I would totally want to move there when I'm old. On Sunday, I got to know everyone at church and said a billion prayers, one in ward council, one in sacrament, and one in elder quorum. More blessings I guess. Oh and I had to teach gospel principles too. Very crazy day at church. Afterwards we took out Frank with us all day. He's this awesome 18 year old guy who's trying to get on his mission. So we went out to this tiny town Archer and visited a bunch of people. It was a blast. We gave a sister from the wards son a blessing and the son (about 6) was hyper as all get out. He kept smacking around his dog, and yelling things at it. It was so dang funny. But anyways, we also totally caught a less-active member breaking the sabbath and said hi to him. He was really uncomfortable and nervous but we thought it was funny. We also visited one more investigator out there but he was not very coherent at the time so we said we'd come back later. That's my week! Gainesville is going to be great! Y'all have a good week!

Elder Toolson
L to R: Elder Sunderland, Elder Toolson, Elder Davis, Elder Barcala

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