Thursday, July 9, 2015

What a Weird Week... And I'm Getting Transferred!

July 9, 2015

Hey y'all!
     Well, first things first. I'm getting transferred! I'm super sad but also super glad at the same time. Reasons I'm sad, Elder Sunderland has been one of my favorite companions and also I'm going to miss Patrick's baptism. :(  Super sad but I'm totally counting Patrick as my baptism. Me and Elder Sunderland found him and already taught him everything, it's just a matter of timing. 

Reasons I'm glad, I've always wanted to serve in Gainesville! That's where I'm going by the way, Gainesville 2nd! And I'm 2nd half training! My trainees name is Elder Koy so I'll let you know how that goes. This'll be weird, my first time not being district leader buddy and also my first comp that's younger than me. 

So, yeah, but this week, oh my goodness, this week though. I'm not even going to sugarcoat it, it was a strange one this week. Just weird stuff happened. Wednesday we had like a 2 hr. lesson at the church with this guy Robert, and basically everything imaginable in his life is going wrong. I won't go into detail but it's super depressing. We also saw Chuck and Brother Murray that day. Thursday we saw Linda as we usually do. She's one of my favorite 'gators from Waycross so I'll probably keep in touch with her. She's a sweet old lady we see every week. We also had dinner with the Fogles that night and had sort of a last hoorah for Sister Egbert, who's going home. Sooo good. Saturday, Patrick came back from his vacation and we went and saw him. And he said he prayed about a date to get baptized and felt that August 2 was right! So that was awesome. He came to church Sunday, and had an awesome time. Church was good. We taught second hour for the youth about ordinances and covenants so that went pretty good. 

And then today! I'm currently wearing an apron thing getting ready to cook some Guam Fried Rice at a members house! I'm excited to serve in Gainesville and can't wait! This transfer reminds me of something that Elder Kapischke of the Seventy said when he visited our mission. Remember your ABC's. Always Be Changing. 

Y'all have an awesome fun-filled week!
Elder Toolson

Our Waycross district picture. Elder Davis, next to the sisters is going to Gainesville with me and we're going to be next to each other! L to R: Elder Mellor, Elder Toolson, Elder Sunderland, Elder Lewis, Elder Barcala, Elder Davis, Sister Saxton, Sister Egbert

The next video and picture are from our "funeral" for Elder Mellor and Sister Egbert. I talked about the one we had last transfer so I thought I'd give you more of a visual. It's was awesome. We got a ridiculously awesome member to bake a cake in the shape of an airplane for them haha. 

And then the Last is a truck we saw. Everyone is hooking up their confederate flags to the back of their trucks. It's awesome.

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