Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zone Conference and Sickness

July 25, 2015
Hey Y'all! 

     This week was a good one. We had a little bit of struggles in the middle of the week this week because just about half of our zone got sick.... So awful. So I was out of commission Thursday and then Elder Coy was out of it on Friday. So that was fun.... But not really. So anyway! Tuesday we had our zone meeting and it was awesome. President Craig even decided to show up for it. This Mission is going to get very young, very quick. All of the mass amounts of missionaries that came during the age change are heading home and are being replaced by more huge groups. By the time next transfer comes almost half the mission will be training new missionaries. Craziness. After zone conference we went over to one our investigator's houses, Ann. She actually tried to drop us on Sunday, but we were having none of that. So we show up out of the blue and asked her what's been going on. So she told us and we got her concerns out and she came to church yesterday and is still meeting with us! We also had a lesson with Adam, a teenage recent convert, and had a lesson with Ron that night. He's a pretty funny guy who's out in Archer, a tiny little town outside of Gainesville that reminds me a lot of Starke. We had dinner with the Whites and they are awesome! He made these ridiculously good burgers and other stuff. Wednesday was when we started getting sick, so we were a little bit out of our minds all day. We saw several people that day and had a member come out with us to see Ann that day. We teach a Book of Mormon class that day and so we taught that and afterwards we gave two blessings and were recruited to go help move a table for someone. That's what we get for teaching the Book of Mormon class about service I guess haha. So we go over to this place and help this lady move this solid oak table into the back of this tiny truck (probably didn't help our impending sickness) but hey service is never convenient and it never will be. Life lessons.  So we got back late that night and were out of commission for the next two days. Saturday we visited a different investigator of ours whose name is also Ann and then her mom, Nancy. We taught them and had a killer lesson with them. We sort of evaluated where they were at on their spiritual progress and talked about discipleship too. If you haven't, listen to Jeffrey R. Hollands talk, The First Great Commandment, it's very powerful. We had some of lessons that day too. Yesterday, we went to church and had Ann and Ron come! It was great. After church we knocked some doors and had dinner at Sister Aagard's house. She's so awesome. Totally had nostalgia of back home because guess what we had for dinner?! Roast and mashed potatoes! We knocked some more doors after and called it a night! We got work to do here in Gainesville! Attached is a photo that a member from Waycross sent me, one of my first weeks there, from the hog show.

Y'all have an awesome week!

Elder Toolson

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