Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flying by the Spirit

July 27, 2015

Hey Y'all!
     This week has been a crazy one that's for sure. Lots of ups and downs. Monday we saw Ann E., one of our baptismal dates and taught her the Plan of Salvation. We also met this guy Paul sitting on his porch and talked to him for a little bit. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with Retha, a recent convert. She is one of my favorite people to visit. We knocked into this guy Max later in the day. He was awesome! He let us know right up front he wasn't interested but we kept talking and he offered us some water and invited us in. We ended up talking for a solid half hour about the differences in the beliefs of Presbyterians and Mormons. Just a solid guy and an example of how it should be when we have different faiths. 

Wednesday we had a super good district meeting. The AP's decided to show so that was interesting. We all went to lunch afterwards at a Mexican joint, la Tiendas. They had this massive thing called a Torta Cubana that we all got. It was HUGE. I was on a trade-off with Elder Purcell that day in High Springs (a tiny town right above Gainesville) and we had a ton of fun. He actually trained Elder Averett who came out with me. We saw a bunch of people and I got to meet a Hare Krishna, which are apparently super common in High Springs. It was fun though. I totally robbed them blind. (*I asked him what he meant by this and he said he just convinced them to give him some of their stuff*) I made away with two tennis rackets and a keyboard. So now we can play tennis in the morning and I'm relearning how to play the piano. 

Thursday was an interesting day, we basically had heatstroke. The highlight of the day was when we knocked on this recent convert's door, and Elder Coy just starts giggling out of nowhere and then I start laughing, and then we're both just in absolute hysterics at the door and both of us are crying... For no reason. It was a weird day haha.

Friday we saw Ron and Howard at night and Ron totally called me out because he thought I had prepared all these scriptures that I was just whipping out left and right, but I said that I was just flying by the Spirit and I never have any idea what I'm going to say when I go into a lesson and he gave me props so that was awesome. 

Saturday and Sunday were uneventful days. Saturday we spent getting lost in Newberry trying to find names the bishop gave us. Sunday Ron showed up to church so that was good and saw Retha again later that night.

▪️Elder Toolson▪️

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