Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Love to See the Temple, and I'm Going to be a Dad!

August 20, 2015

Hey Y'all! 
      Sorry I didn't email last week. I typed out a pretty long email and it somehow got deleted. So I got frustrated and thought I sent out a small one but I guess that didn't work either. Whoops. So I guess I'll catch you up on the major events from the past 2 weeks. I went to the temple! It was amazing! Very spiritual experience for me, and the Orlando Temple is gorgeous. We had a great road trip and I talked to Elder Averett and Elder McAlister for like 2 hours. We also stopped at the Florida Citrus Center on the way back and saw some baby gators. 

In other news I forgot if I told you, but PATRICK GOT BAPTISED!!!!!! And he has the priesthood! That man is going to be a kingdom builder. 

Last piece of big news, I'm going to be dad!!! (Not literally , mission wise, AkA I'm training a new missionary.) I have no clue what his name is yet though... I find out tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

So this past week has been awesome, I hope I'll be here to be able see some baptisms coming up. I had some bike issues this past week so I spent two to three days riding 20+ miles on a flat. But this week has been awesome, I'm going to miss Elder Coy, but looking forward to new adventures. Y'all have a good week!

Elder Toolson

This is a letter he received from Patrick. David found and taught Patrick but did not get to baptize him because he was transferred right before the baptism.  There is a picture of Patrick below.
Hey Elder, It's me Patrick!!! How are ya dude? I hope all is well with you in your new area. I know I didn't get to say much the day you left I was so bummed and sad. It's only been 3 days and I miss you so much man. In the past 2 months you and Elder Sunderland have taught me so much about the church and even myself. Through you guys I felt I was getting reintroduced to God. I'm glad you guys came in my life when you did because you guys were right on time. I feel more confident and more assured now than ever. I can't wait to be to an official member of the church and we can literally and spiritually be brothers. I wish you well on your mission Elder you are always in my prayers God sent me more than I could ask for he sent me a new church home and new friends. I know we will see each other again no doubt about it. Oh yeah I will also send pictures of my baptism to you I really wish you could be here for it. Hopefully just maybe God willing I can see you at the temple. God bless you Elder Toolson Love you my brother.Emoji

Mowing a yard in our proselyting clothes

Still Mowing in those clothes

Temple Road Trip
Front: Elder Nielsen, Elder Payne
Middle: Elder Averett, Elder McAlister, Elder Toolson

Me at the temple with Pres. and Sister Craig

 A picture of Elder Barcala, (left) Patrick (center), Elder Sunderland (front) and Dustin Musgrove (back right) (a member in Waycross).
 Baby gators at the Citrus Center.

Me saying goodbye to Frank.
Frank is a super cool member we take out with us 
like every day
Gainesville District

(A member sent this picture to us with this note)

Hello from Gainesville,

Here is a photo of your son.  He was helping hang some stuff on the stage.  I had them help me recreate a sealing room for a YW lesson.

He is doing well and is a good missionary.  I feed him when I can.

All the best

Tammy Aagard

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