Monday, August 31, 2015

Lots of Rain and Bashing

August 31, 2015

Hey y'all!
    This week was pretty decent. On last p-day Elder Smith had bike problems so we had to fix that before we came back. We biked almost all week, about 6 out of the 7 days. We met a super nice Jehovah's Witness guy and some guy tried to make us angry by saying we were of the devil and he asked if he could say a prayer for us that our eyes might be opened... Anyways. 

This week was weird.  I've had the most bashes ever happen this week. I think 4 happened this week, and I was pretty good about stopping on the first three but on the fourth I was just in a very tired, not caring mood, so I indulged--the first time since the beginning of my mission since I did that. It was with this college kid, but I ended up "winning" and he asked for our number and wants to come check out our church now, so I guess the results were good, although that's not what usually happens.

Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with Anne and brought a member of the ward, Sis. Blaylock with us. They got along super well and the Spirit was super strong. Side note: the Blaylocks are awesome. They fed us about 3 different times last week. We also saw Andrea, a recent convert, that night and she's doing awesome! She is on track to receive her patriarchal blessing on the 13th.

 Wednesday was a decently slow day so we tried a bunch of people and went to Book of Mormon class that night. On Thursday we biked out to Andrea's and mowed her lawn. I think I about killed Elder Smith that day. It's about an 16 mile bike round trip in addition to service haha. I mowed about half the yard and asked him if he wanted to do the other half and he took a rain check. Poor guy. That night we met some new people about five minutes before we came in for the night. They met with missionaries in the past and are decently interested. It started down pouring during the lesson and we were on bikes so we got soaked head to toe during the short 5 min. bike back. 

Friday we had weekly planning for a while and I got soaking wet. It started to downpour after we ate dinner so I wanted to put my rain coat on... Couldn't find it. So I just sucked it up and had a grand old time knocking doors that evening. Saturday we biked a lot and helped a less  active lady paint her apartment--in our church clothes. And we came out clean somehow. Call it the spirit. We had dinner at Sister Sugar's house. She made possibly the biggest mess of spaghetti I've ever seen in my life. I had 5 to 6 plates of spaghetti, 2 or 3 bowls of salad and a bowl of jello and we didn't even put a dent in it. Good gracious. 

Sunday was pretty busy. No one came to church so that was super depressing but we got to see Frank at church! He's in job corps so we never get to see him any more so that was a blessing to see him. We had dinner with the Chihuahuas in our ward and they made us some super good tacos. We took a priest out with us that night, Timothy, and had fantastic lessons with Ron and Donna. They switched up the sacrament that day at church too. They did a fifth Sunday lesson on the importance of the sabbath day. So they had the speakers first in sacrament and had the sacrament at the end and everyone combined for third hour. It was pretty good. One of the things President Holland said in the clips is that the sacrament is the most repeatable ordinance in the church, every seven days, and is the only one that we do multiple times for ourselves. I thought that was super interesting. Elder Andersen also said that the phrase we use "renew our baptismal covenants" is not found in the scriptures and shouldn't be the basis of our talks about it. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Toolson

Also, here is a picture of an elephant statue we found at this house knocking doors. This place had all sorts of weird Indian stuff.

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