Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Week in Starke

November 3, 2014

Whaddup y'all

    This week was pretty fun with all the Halloween stuff going on! We did service for Brother Beckham out in Keystone Heights and helped him rip some stumps out of the ground for like 3 hours. Me and Elder Lane were covered in charcoal because he tried to burn it previously. That's some dang dirty work! But as reward, he fed us his biscuits N gravy which is like famous around the ward, and for good reason. Soooo good I almost died. Oh and he also showed us his organ that he has and played us a bunch of songs. He's a funny dude. Friday for Halloween we were supposed to be in a member or investigator's house at 6:00 and the Barbers invited us over. We had a little Halloween party at the party barn and went on this hay ride with them. Me and Elder Lane thought it'd be like 10-15 mins. Nope. 3 hours of bone-chilling cold with the wind blowing super bad. It was definitely an awesome experience haha. It was super fun. The way they do trick or treating here is via hay rides.( because it's so country) so we rode around in the back of a truck with everyone shooting silly string and hollering and such. Freaking awesome Halloween. Anyways the day after we had another shindig at the party barn. We had some delicious Boston Butt and left to go do some missionary work. We finally reconnected with Tamra (haven't seen her in 2 weeks and she was supposed to get baptized) and she says she still wants to but wants to make sure she'll come after she gets baptized. Other than that just the same old missionary thing going on!

Love and miss y'all! 

Elder Toolson 

(I asked him what Boston Butt was and he said it was Pork that they smoke overnight.) (And I don't know what the Party Barn is other than a Barn they Party in...)

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