Monday, November 17, 2014

Elder Punker gets his Eyebrows Tweezed.

November 17, 2014

Hey y'all,
     I've had a pretty awesome week this week! Things are going sweet! On P-day we went over to Katie's because Elder Lane had to do some school stuff. Katie's been selling Mary Kay lately and somehow she talked us into letting her pluck our eyebrows. Probably the worst decision of my life. Its looks good, but man it did not feel good. We had our weekly Monday lesson with this guy Kevin who is very very intelligent. I like having discussions with people who actually respond and ask questions. We did some service for the Hirschs Tuesday (trimming, raking and other stuff). We saw this guy Jessie too. Totally drunk at like 2:30 in the afternoon and not friendly haha. I went on a trade off with Elder Greenlaw in Lake Butler this week. We did so much dang service. We weeded, and mulched, and cleared out a garden for this lady Marla, and later that night helped Sister Janine paint for a couple hours. In between we visited some guy in a trailer in the backwoods. He took us on a little walk to this stream and showed us around his property and stuff while we talked. We had our usual service at the Bradford food pantry but it was mega busy because Thanksgiving's coming up. I was bag boy for about 3 hours and helped everyone carry their bags to their car.  We had dinner with Bro Ray and visited Brother Chism. Elder Lane specifically told me to knock quietly because he might be asleep and then he totally let the screen door go and it slammed loud enough to wake up the neighbors and it woke Brother Chism up. I was totally busting up. Friday we went over to the Barbers in the morning because Elder Lane had to register for school and needed a computer. So while we did that I studied a little bit, and played with the kids. Their littlest one, about Brooklyn's age ,always calls me Elder Punker. Yesterday was the Primary Program and those are always a blast haha. What the Primary in this ward lacks in numbers they more than make up for in enthusiasm. One of the kids up there looked mega drunk and kept bumping into Nick(who we visit) and he kept throwing me these "help me" looks haha. We visited Jan, an investigator who goes to Madison Street Baptist(our main competitor in the area) and swapped beliefs for a while. She wants us to come back and discuss heaven and hell more in depth with her but I don't know if she'll listen. She might just want to bash. Who knows. We visited Tamra too and me and Elder Lane were dying laughing because Tamra kept forgetting what she was talking about.  We visited Larry too and talked with him about prayer. We skipped the Barbers last night and saw Katie instead. We asked her at the end to think about the question "I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true.  What am I going to do about it?" 
Pretty much my week in a nutshell! If I left out anything you want to know ask away!

Elder Toolson

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