Monday, November 10, 2014

Baptisms, Blow Guns, and Squirrels

November 10, 2014

Hello Y'all,

Another week has flown by here in Starke! For Dad and I guess all y'all our daily schedule is usually, wake up at 6:30, exercise, shower, eat breakfast and all that good stuff until personal study from 8-9.  Since I'm still in training, companionship study is 2 hours so that's from 9-11 usually. We usually visit people from 11-12 and eat lunch from 12-1. The rest of the day is usually up in the air.  We never eat dinner or do anything at a consistent time after that sooo yeah. Last P-day we saw like everyone at Wal-mart! We saw the sister missionaries, and Jennifer and Grace from the ward there. I bought a blow gun (don't even ask why) and it was probably the best decision I've ever made. During lunch and sometimes dinner we slather some peanut butter on the tree and try and hunt squirrels.  Relax though I haven't killed any. Ummm we went to the food pantry Wednesday instead of Thursday to help them unload some huge shipments they got for the Thanksgiving season. We met a super nice lady there, Brenda, I think.  And at one point she just yelled, "That cinnamon bread is off the chain!" Super funny because she's in like her 70's. Cracked me up! Ohhhhh! We had zone conference in Gainesville and that ate up most of the day from like 8-5. I got to see all the new missionaries that just came in there. It's sweet not being the youngest in the misison anymore. Yesterday was pretty busy. After church Sister Thompson in the ward, had a flat tire out in the parking lot so we fixed that for her. We went over to Katie's for a couple minutes afterward and chatted with her. We visited Brother Cotton that night, a less active in the ward, and told him to make the temple a priority in his life and start coming to church so hopefully he does. We went over to the Barber's for scripture study last night and that's always mega fun! That's pretty much my week in a nutshell. We started teaching this lady Cassandra out in Lawtey but haven't got to sit down with her again since we taught the restoration so hopefully we can do that. Oh! Last night it was super funny because we saw one of our investigators and his girlfriend called us over and he tried running because he was smoking and Elder Lane just yells out, "We caught you in the act!" Cracked me up haha. Kim, a lady we teach is getting baptized on the 21st, so hopefully that'll happen! She seems super solid and loves church! We kind of tag team her and Jerry,who she lives with, with the sisters.We still meet with Katie regularly and talk with her.Those are our big investigators right now. I cant really think of anything else that happened this week so if you got questions about what happened, ask away! 

Elder Toolson

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