Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Investigators

November 24, 2014

This week was pretty great! I had trade offs Wednesday with Elder Walgamott (everyone calls him Walgee) and he came here to good old Starke. Thursday we traded back and Elder Lane broke his tooth so we had to take a trip to Jacksonville to get it fixed. Saturday we picked up two new investigators, Japan, and Morgan and have plans to meet with them later on this week! A member from the ward, Sister Beckham called us and her mom fell and broke her hip and was in the hospital so me and Elder Lane went to go give her a blessing. We also saw a less active Brother Chism and he gave me this leather trench coat that makes me look like I'm an 80's detective or something. Pretty dang sweet. Yesterday we saw Kevin again and talked about the nature of the Godhead with him. As far as investigators go, Kim and Jerry are still up in the air so hopefully something happens with them. We haven't seen Katie for about a week now, she's been doing this Mary Kay business which is eating up all of her time. So we've been trying to pick up some new investigators, so hopefully the two we just picked up will be solid! Sorry if this is kinda lame but I haven't written in my journal all week so this like all off of memory... Anyway hope y'all are having an awesome week! Have a good Thanksgiving! 

Elder Toolson

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