Monday, October 5, 2015

Armadillos and Guns Blazing

October 5, 2015

Hey Y'all!

It's been a great week this week! Lots and lots has happened. Sorry you didn't get my e-mail last week. Something must have messed up but I still have it I think so I'll send it after this one. 

Last Tuesday was P-day (Wednesday was transfers this week and me and Elder Smith are staying together, not a shocker since he is in training...) SO Tuesday EVERYONE goes to the institute building to say our last goodbyes and such. Transfer Tuesdays are always fun. That night we drove out to Newberry (a small town on the edge of Gville) to have dinner with some members, the Browns. It was pretty good and we tried to find some people for the rest of the night. 

Wednesday was good, but exhausting. I got up on Andrea's roof and blew all of the leaves and branches off. I also trimmed up a lot of her trees while I was up there and then we drove out to Howard's to mow his lawn. I was so exhausted, but still having fun. AND then that night, the sisters were supposed to teach Book of Mormon class, but they told us they would be late and to cover the first couple of minutes, which wasn't too bad. But then in the middle of class, we get a text saying they won't be coming, So we had to teach the Book of Mormon class on the fly. It went pretty well and Elder Smith got to practice his "winging it" skills. 

Thursday was super busy and we had a district meeting with our entirely new district basically. It was pretty good. We took Elder Thompson and his trainee Elder Colemere out shopping and to lunch. We ate at this hole in the wall place called Golden Buddha. It was super good. We had dinner at the Andersen's that night and went and saw Nancy with Bro. Christensen. We had an awesome lesson and headed home for the night. On our way into our apartment we saw an armadillo and both of us started flipping out. Not that big of a deal, but we never see an alive armadillo ever, just a bunch of dead ones all over the place. So it was nice. 

Friday we weekly planned and went out to Archer that night. We went and saw Ron and took Bro Lee (our ward mission leader) with us. Our lesson with Ron was really exhausting for me. We were supposed to talk about tithing, but he came out guns blazing with some Word of Wisdom issues and Elder Smith had never experienced this before so he didn't know what to say and Bro Lee was just the member along for the ride. So it was an interesting lesson. 

Saturday and Sunday were general conference days. My bike has a flat (again), so I rode a children's bike without a seat the 4 miles to the church and then back.... my legs are trashed right now. But it was good. I learned a lot, my favorite thing would probably have to be ponderizing the scriptures. I thought that was awesome. Y'all have a good week!

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