Thursday, October 29, 2015

Drinking Beer on the Mission

October 26, 2015

Hey Y'all!
     I think last week my letter was super detailed for the first part of the week but not so much the next part. In case your wondering why, I went bowling and we had to leave. We went to this really ghetto place called Alley Gatorz.  It was mega fun and our lane broke like a billion times, but hey it was super cheap so. We rode with AJ, a recent convert from the YSA and he and Michael (also from the YSA) were determined to show me via the jukebox all the songs I've missed in the past year and whatever months.... anyways it was a blast. 

Tuesday we had district meeting and I went on a very lively trade off with Elder Rodriguez. It was a super fun day, and we found this sign in this person's driveway and took a picture with it. Ill attach it. We ate dinner at a member's house too. We also found this guy at 9 and taught him about a 45 min. lesson so we didn't get back until about 10 that night. 

Wednesday was awesome. I still spent like half the day with Elder Rodriguez and the moment the alarm goes off in the morning I just hear him scream at the top of his lungs, and it scared the heck out of me. He told, "Elder Toolson, when you get up in the morning you just got to scream, then you'll be up for sure." haha We went out around 10 and did some service at a member's house and cleaned out a chicken coop and shoveled some compost piles. I miss the country so much. It was a breath of fresh air. We went to this place I wanted to go to called Bev's Better Burgers. It was so good. I got a double double. We came back and traded back off. That night we had Book of Mormon class and the sisters were teaching and we got off on some crazy word of wisdom issue for about half an hour and I was super tired. But I'm the only missionary who isn't a greenie in the ward. So the sisters passed the buck to me and I had to to answer it and get everyone back on track... pretty tiring day. 

Thursday, was a pretty up and down day. We had 3 people drop us that day so that was super sad, but we also found 3 new people so it all worked out. We had dinner with the Aagards that night and Sis. Aagard's son just got back from a mission and he is awesome so we'll probably take him out with us soon. 

Friday was an Archer trip and we had our final lesson with Ron, who dropped us the day before. I'm going to miss him a bunch. We also saw Howard that night and I got pictures with both of them so you know the people I'm talking about.

Saturday, most of the day was taken up doing this stake activity for all the youth. Basically we all got our recent converts and investigators to come and all of the youth in the stake learned how to teach and practiced teaching our investigators and recent converts. It was lots of fun to see how nervous they were and remember how nervous I used to be. At one point this teacher from our ward said, " So are these like real investigators?" 
us: "yes" 
"why are you letting US teach them?!?" hahaha it was hilarious. That night we got a ride home with the 3rd ward elders but had to go give a blessing to someone first. I had actually met this lady before, her name is Sister Fragoso and she is probably the funniest lady ever. She basically shoved food down our throats for an hour and made us drink a pitcher of this juice and introduced us to "mormon beer". I don't even know how to explain it... and then she showed us her "mormon coffee" and she also gave us some pumpkin delights to eat. At one point she said, "here we are drinking beer and coffee and we don't even have to repent for church tomorrow!" I just about lost it when she said that,
it was so funny. 

Yesterday, during sacrament something fantastic happened. So we have this pro organist who loves playing more than anyone I've ever seen. So during the opening hymn after the second verse, he just goes off on the organ solo for a solid minute before moving on and our chorister was SO confused and just about everyone in the chapel was wondering what on earth was happening. We had dinner with the Yaedes that night and and they gave us "frozen hot chocolate" for desert. It blew my mind, but it was super good. Can't wait for this upcoming week. Love y'all!!

Elder Toolson

(Note:  There were no attached pictures)

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