Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

November 3, 2015
Hey y'all!
    This week has been an awesome one. Last P-day, I forget if I told you but we all went biking as zone on the Hawthorne Trail and hiked La Chua Trail and saw about 5 or 6 alligators. I was about 4 or 5 feet away from one at one point. It was super cool.

Tuesday we met this couple while tracting and the lady was from 
England and her husband from Australia, so they had some pretty awesome accents and invited us in for a while. The lady offered us some English biscuits. She was pretty funny. We had a trade off that night with Bro. Salmon in our ward and went to go home teach our ward mission leader with him since he didn't have a companion haha We also tried a few less-active families that night. 

Wednesday was an awesome day. We met with this less-active, Kurt. We had a super good lesson with him. I think he's pretty close to coming back at this point. We had Book of Mormon class that night and his scooter died so he walked it to a gas station like 2 or 3 miles away and still made it for the last 15 mins. It was awesome.

Thursday was definitely one of my favorite days this week. We went on splits with the high priests and I went with Bro. Anderson jr. (he used to be our ward mission leader) and we drove out to Archer to go home teaching and see some people. We had a blast and got done seeing our people before Elder Smith and Bro. Anderson Sr. so we went back to his house and ate ice cream. It was great.

Friday we went out to lunch with Aaron Aagard, who just got back from his mission about a week ago. So we went out to lunch and tried to see some people and ended up getting lost (Gainesville is very confusing) but it was tons of fun. We also had dinner with the Andersons that night and we went to go see Ann with Bro. Christensen.

Saturday we had the Fall Festival for ward which is the biggest thing this ward does all year so it was awesome. We got to the church at 10 and helped them set-up for everything and we had a ton of less-active people and investigators show up so it was pretty successful. They had a chili contest and a bunch of desserts and cornbread. They had a haunted house, a cupcake walk, a few others games and had all the kids do a costume parade for us. Every one went trunk or treating afterwards. We mostly sat around eating food and talking to people so I loved, two of my favorite things. 

Yesterday, we had church and had 2 investigators come! Rob came to sacrament and LOVED it and he said he'd would definitely be back again. Gabe also came and we had a lesson with him that night. We didn't really know what to
teach him so we just went over the baptismal questions until we got to the Joseph Smith question and he said, "Well, I don't know...." so we read the first 15-20 verses or so of Joseph Smith history and when we hit verse 9 he said, "hey guys, ask me that question again." so we did and he said, "YES, I do believe it" and went on to explain. IT was
really awesome to see that happen. Also the priesthood lesson was really good. It was all about family history, and Bro. Anderson Sr. (a former member of the seventy by the way) taught us the doctrine and Bro. Williams showed us how to do it and told us some awesome stories. It actually got me super pumped to do it. if only I had the time....

Love Y'all! have a great week!!!

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