Saturday, November 28, 2015

Carazay Week

November 28, 2015

Hey y'all!
     This week has been carazay. Tuesday I had a tradeoff with Elder Stoker in my area! If that name sounds familiar, me and him totally used to go on tradeoffs back when I was in Starke and he was in Lake Butler! But now he's my zone leader! We had a super good day and found some new people. We also found a gigantic frog. 

Elder Stoker with a frog on his foot

Wednesday we had zone conference and I got to see Elder Coy and talk to him. I have a grandson now so that's awesome. It was a good day and very spiritually filling. Elder Hartvigsen has been feeling kind of crappy lately so it's been hard for him to work, so that's a bummer for me too. But the works rolls on. Elder Heese in Middleburg has also been feeling terrible so we decided to tradeoff and get work done in one of our areas. So Elder Servoss has been with me for the last four days and it's been AWESOME. He is so hilarious and nerdy, but in the funny sociable kind of way. Anyways we have been doing some WORK the past four days. We set a baptismal date with this guy Saunders so we'll how that pans out. He's awesome though. Life is good in Fleming and the members are great. OH. And guess who I had dinner with this past week. ELDER LANE. He's back from the dead and lives 40 mins away from us. So he'll be visiting us on the regular. I didn't get a picture but he is eating at the Meccas this Thursday with us so I'll get one then! Bro. Mecca reminds me of Jim a ton. It's weird. 

Anyways, love y'all and have good thanksgiving!

Elder Toolson, Elder Barney, and Elder Richins
District Lunch (minus Middleburg) plus a Mini Missionary

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  1. Love his letters and pictures! He's always so happy!