Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Really Powerful Zone Conference

May 23, 2016

Hey Y'all!

This week has been really good. Hmm. Really good things that happened this week... We had a really powerful Zone Conference on Thursday and learned a lot about different things. The church just came out with new pamphlets for the laws and ordinances lessons so those are super fun to use. I love it because I just freestyle it and don't have to worry about getting stuck in a teaching rut because there isn't even one existing. 

We had our trade-off with Elder Boyson and Elder Moreno this week. I went with Elder Moreno and we spent basically the whole day in the ghetto (75%) of our area. We had a good time though and met some good people. It gets really hard to judge what's a lesson and what's not because people will listen to you all day and even agree but they just don't go anywhere or do anything. Very disorienting. 

Saturday we had a killer miracle with this lady we are teaching named Mel. We came over and she said she was a having a really crappy day and starts going on about the fact that she doesn't know why she's here and doesn't really want to live and we had a super powerful lesson about me and Elder Smith's conversion to the gospel and the plan of salvation and she had a piano and Elder Smith started playing hymns and she said she could really feel the spirit.

We also saw Emmanuel that night and talked to him about serving a mission. He is honestly one of the most kindhearted charitable people I've ever met. I love that boy! I hope he serves. 

But Sunday was good. We had dinner with the Ures after church and it was way fun. Bro. Ure reminds me a ton of Stuart and he asked Elder Smith and Elder Folsom what their most embarrassing stories were and it was way funny. 

Good 2 weeks. We've been teaching monster amounts of people by the grace of God. Like 27 total lessons the past two weeks! I love Gainesville.... I guess I have too if I've served here twice. 

Love Y'all! 

Have a good week!
Something he found while cleaning the apartment.  He thought it was funny.  

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