Sunday, May 1, 2016

Detours and Service

April 25, 2016

Hey Y'all!

This week has been WAY busy, in a good way. Monday we had an amazing lessons in the Grant's home with some of their friends! One of their friends wants their daughter to get baptized so we just have to make sure that she has a solid structure and doesn't go less active before we dunk her. But it will be awesome!

Tuesday we were supposed to go to a District meeting down in Chiefland but I had a little bit of a detour.... About halfway down to Chiefland I get a call from one of the elders in the district saying that he spilled hydrogen peroxide in his eye (how do you even do that?) SO I had to drive him around ALL day. And Elder Vance got to stay and enjoy district meeting. We called the mission nurse and she said we had to come all the way back to Gainesville (an hour's drive) for medical treatment. So, long story short I ended up driving for  about 4 hours that day and spent about 4 hours sitting in the waiting room as well. He burned a hole in his cornea but it's no big deal. It'll get better in a couple of days. 

Anyways, on Wednesday we had our own district meeting which was amazing, and had a Trade-off with the Ocala Elders after. I went with Elder Moreno, a short little Hispanic kid from Provo, UT, and he is HILARIOUS. I love this kid! We had a way fun day, and taught tons of people and saw some miracles. I'll attach one of our role plays in the morning haha they were way fun.

Thursday we did some service with Sis. May. We put this massive fountain in her front yard and dug out a bush and replanted it. We drove way out into the Boonies to have dinner with a member and had Elders Quorum trade-offs that night. 

Friday we weekly planned and had a way good dinner with the Whitakers. We went on mini trade-offs because the other Elders wanted a gauge on how deep the conversion is in one of their investigators, so I took Elder Stanley with me for the night and we had a BLAST. It's a good thing we aren't companions or it would just be pure chaos. 

Saturday morning we got an emergency call for some service way down in Williston for this company called Farmshare (I might have mentioned it before).  We went and distributed food from about  10:00 - 12:30 and my forearms were screaming for mercy. The bags were somewhere in the range of 50-60 lbs.... We rushed back to Gainesville and interviewed 2 people in the YSA for baptism. We had dinner with Sis. Braun that night.  

Sunday we had 4 'gators at church!!!! Total miracle since we have been in a drought. But it was great. We are going to follow up and see if we can set some baptism dates. But yeah, that's my week! 

Love y'all!

Elder Toolson

Elder Stanley and Elder Toolson

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