Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Hit Our Daily Goals and had some Killer Lessons

May 30, 2016

Hey Y'all! This week was super great! But seriously it's been crazy. Last P-day and Monday we spent in Ocala because we had to do a baptismal interview for Elder Boyson. So we went down and had a super fun p-day, played soccer, basketball,etc. At night we had the interview and Elder Smith did it, so I talked with Elder Boyson and Elder Moreno for like and hour and half. Longest interview ever. 

It was already like 8/8:30 ish when we got back home so we only had time for one lesson. I went with Elder Moreno and he is still relatively new so we totally got lost....BUT we said a prayer went one way and eventually ended up where we needed to be! It was awesome and we had a good lesson. So we spent the night and went to Ocala's District Meeting the next day. It was way awesome and we had such a good time. So we drove back, had a good rest of the day, and we taught Book of Mormon class that night. 

The next day we had our District Meeting and I had a trade-off with Elder Stanley and biked our tails off riding around town.

The next day we also had Elder Fadely's District Meeting here in G'ville as well. The spirit was Definetely felt and we all had a good time. We all went out to Sam's Club for lunch (I didn't even know you could do that) and I got insane amounts of food for super cheap.

Friday, we did some service with a member and we moved a bunch of wood and cleaned out their pool. Saturday was pretty amazing too. We hit all our daily goals and had some killer lessons. We were just biking along and this guy stands up and stops US and ask us if we are from the 5th ward and of course we say yes, and he starts going on about how he used to take the lessons and how he needs the church in his life. And he ended up coming to church yesterday and wants to get baptized! Woo! We are totally going to dunk him. 

And one of our gators, Sheila, I threw down on Thursday in a lesson and basically said if she doesn't start coming to church EVERY week, we would have to stop seeing her. And. She. Came! It was so awesome and she loved it. I'm so happy for her! Here's to another great week! The first picture is from P-day in Ocala, and the second is Elder Folsom and Elder Stanley taking tons of photos on my iPad. Also I've been super in love with this video this week from the addiction recovery program, makes me tear up like every time. 

(This is the first video in the Addiction Recovery Program: 
Step One Honesty)

Anyways have a good one. 

Love y'all!

P-Day in Ocala

Elder Stanley and Elder Folsom

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