Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Changes and Craziness

May 9, 2016

Hey Y'all!

This week has been good. Full of change and craziness, but good. Monday we said our goodbyes by playing warrior ball for about 3 hours. I'm still sore from it... 

Tuesday we had our very last district meeting before Elder Ward left. He got called to be a Zone Leader, he'll do awesome. So after we got a call from the Spanish Elders, Elder Hopkins and Breitenbeker saying they were in Gainesville and wanted a Trade-off so we went on spots with them. Elder Vance said goodbye to a ton of people and me and Hopkins taught in the ghetto. We spent like 2 1/2 hours in a .1 mile stretch just teaching everybody. It was awesome. Elder Hopkins left the zone and I will dearly miss him. 

Wednesday we had transfers and it was pure chaos. Especially when you are zone leader and are responsible for making sure is everybody is getting where they need to be o time. So me and Elder Stanley worked together for a little while. Elder Smith and Elder Folsom (E. Stanley's new comp) finally made it here and we got off to work. We taught a few people that night and went to dinner at the Jack's. We had hot dogs as per the usual. It was awesome. 

On Thursday we went to Elder Fadely's District Meeting. It was pretty good, and we all wrote up on the board what we were willing to put on the altar of sacrifice to see miracles (mine is Dr. Pepper if you didn't already guess...) It's going to be rough month... But anyways we had service with the District afterwards and cleaned out this lady's pool, all the gunk at the bottom and we bleached the whole thing. Elder Duggins paid a visit too! He was in the mission a few months ago and came back to visit! It was great! Afterwards we had dinner with a member and Elder's Quorum trade-offs. Trade-offs were super terrible. No one was home and we tried like 6 different usually solid people.... Ugh.  But yeah, on Friday we, or rather I weekly planned. That's usually how it goes 1st week though. We had an amazing night that night and taught 2 of our main investigators with a member and we set a date with Kyle! He's one of my favorite people right now.

Saturday we had a killer busy day we had appointments all day. We taught the Grants and tracted out in the boonies. We found this awesome lady Mel, who's in her 50's, and has 2 kids. She should be coming to church this week.

And yesterday I got to call home! It was so good to see all of your faces! Other than that it was a Really slow day. We did teach the granddaughter (9) of one of our investigators. She was WAY funny. This other kid was being a punk to her and she says this, "Hey! When I get my car, when I get my car, NO, when I get my cute little moped, I'm gonna run you over! Okay?!" 

But yeah, good week.

Elder Toolson

Elder Toolson and Elder Hopkins
Elder Ward and Elder Toolson

Elder Vance holding Elder Toolson

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